It’s a fad term right now, but there are so many benefits to meal prepping. Whether it be health, lifestyle, environmental or economical factors, taking your own lunch really is a good thing. I understand it gets boring eating the same thing day after day and no-one wants to spend the whole weekend dwelling on the topic of lunch boxes -  so, here are my top tips and favourite recipes for turning the mundane Sunday ritual into a delicious, nutritious exercise. 

First things first, get organised.

It’s impossible to prep without a plan. ‘Winging it’ on a Sunday night is only going to make life stressful. Your lunchbox probably won’t look great either! Organisation is key. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Decide on your menu and select the recipes you’d like to make (I’ve included links below for my favourites)

  • Write a shopping list with the exact quantities you need for how many lunches you’re creating. This will save you time, money and avoid waste!

  • Purchase enough containers to pack the food into for the week. I recommend investing in quality, leak-proof, divided storage glassware. Not only because they’re plastic free, but they’re also going to last you a long time, they won’t ruin the inside of your handbag from spillage accidents and they’re easier and safer for reheating and freezing.


Make it count. 

If you’re making a conscious decision to plan ahead, chances are you’re interested in meeting your nutritional requirements. Sure you could meal-prep mac’n’cheese and doughnuts for the week, but your body isn’t going to be too happy about it. If your working week features brain fog, digestive issues, zapped energy levels, low immunity and sugar cravings - it’s time to take a good look at what you’re eating. 

  • Eat the rainbow. And no, I’m not referring to a packet of Skittles, but a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit. The brighter the better, the more the merrier!

  • Reducing prepackaged food is a big one. I guarantee your health will improve if you reduce the amount of processed meals in your life. They may seem like shortcuts, but the amount of hidden additives, sugars, salt, preservatives and mystery ingredients just isn’t worth it. Not to mention the nutritional integrity of the food does not even compare to fresh. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, nothing beats homemade. 

  • Life’s about balance. Make sure you are consuming a healthy ratio of macro nutrients across the day. We need good quality protein, healthy carbohydrates and good fats to thrive. 


Whether you’re a ‘wake up starving’ kinda person, or you’re a late starter - having your first meal of the day prepped and ready to roll when you’re hungry is ideal. Start your day right by avoiding the temptation to eat on the run, drive through or skip eating altogether. Personally, I’m a homemade muesli fan. I can hear you saying, “do I have to make it myself?” In my opinion - yes! There’s one store-bought organic muesli I like, with no nasty ingredients, but it’s up there with the price of gold. Making your own means you can tailor the ingredients to suit your likes and dislikes, there’s no hidden sugars or ‘mystery flakes’ and the taste is ten times better.

Click here for my Fruit + Nut Toasted Muesli recipe. Add 1/3 cup to your meal prep container with some natural yoghurt or unsweetened coconut yoghurt and some fresh or frozen fruit that’s been thawed. Delicious.

I’ve also thrown in some additional brekky inspiration below.


Some people want salad, others get excited by a hot meal - so take your pick or do both and alternate each day. I’ve included a recipe for a really simple salad that will make reaching your daily vegetable quota super easy. Throw all the vegetables you like on a tray, cook them until they’re nice and roastie and then toss through rocket or baby spinach with some Persian feta. Click here for my Roast Vegetable Salad recipe. Then simply use the remaining space in your meal prep container for snacks!

For something warm and comforting, there’s my Butter Chicken recipe. Made from scratch and full of goodness, you will go to bed excited about the next day’s lunch with this one. Add some raw broccoli to your meal prep container (so it cooks when you reheat it) and a serving of wild rice and you have yourself a knockout balanced meal.


Snacks are questionably the greatest meal of all. So many possibilities and so much variety. I’m a big dip fan! Give me some crudités, those salty brown rice crackers and something zesty and creamy to dip them in, and I’m one happy lady! Here’s my recipe for Beetroot Hummus. The colour is out of this world and it tastes pretty spectacular too. Full of good things and 100% plant-based. 

I’ve also thrown in some other snack suggestions that will do the trick.

Happy prepping friends! If you’re not usually a fan of spending time in the kitchen, try to put a positive spin on it - think about all those benefits and your body will thank you for it. I’d also suggest writing your name on your lunchbox or hiding it’s contents as these recipes are likely to attract the office lunch-thief!


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