Georgia Barnes is a food personality and creative home-cook with an unwavering passion for inspiring others. Having placed runner-up on MasterChef Australia in 2015, the 30 year old is also a qualified nutritionist, content creator and presenter. Having grown up with her grandmother and mother as role models in the kitchen, cooking has always been an integral part of Georgia’s life. Born and bred in the bayside suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Georgia spent quality time with her family fishing, gardening and learning about the holistic origin of food. This childhood fascination led Georgia to complete a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition, which began her career in the natural health industry as a nutritionist. Noticing the lack of kitchen-confidence in relation to her client’s home-cooking abilities, she began discovering new ingredients and developing customised recipes to suit their needs. This was a turning point where Georgia’s food became more inventive and she soon realised her passion in life was to share her unique ability for creating and plating beautiful dishes.

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Successfully launching her career in the food and entertainment industry following her television debut, Georgia has an extensive social media following, currently spanning 46 countries. She connects with her audience using colourful aesthetics, contemporary topics and approachable methods to suit all ages and abilities. Georgia has been an ambassador for a number of leading brands and organisations, and is proudly an Australia Day ambassador for Queensland. Releasing her self-published e-Book, Plated by Georgia in July 2016, the charismatic cook is also a contributor for and has been a guest on a number of television programs including The Morning Show, Studio Ten, Ben’s Menu, Couch Time and Toasted TV. Georgia has travelled the country cooking onstage and presenting her unique recipes at many national food, wine and health events, as well as conducting innovative workshops for private clients. 



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